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Financial Education for Young People

Teaching young people about money doesn’t have to be complicated. We aim to provide high quality education for young people, teaching essential skills in financial planning from an early age.

How does it work?

Basic financial skills are critical to navigating adulthood. For this reason, we believe that financial education should start as early as possible. This can be done using minimal direction and resources. For example, as soon as your child starts playing, you could introduce non-hazardous play coins into their environment. Set up a play shop when you are at home, and give your children items to buy such as empty cereal boxes or mobile phone cases. If you can get them used to the idea of exchanging the coins for products, they have already begun to understand the basics of making transactions.

When they are old enough, you may consider giving your child pocket money. Encourage them to save a percentage of their allowance so that they can buy the items that they really want. Many banks provide interest free bank accounts for young people, so we suggest opening a savings account for your child and gradually handing over the responsibility of managing their own banking.

Today’s younger generation are technological whizzes when it comes to tablets, mobiles and laptops. Take advantage of this by asking them to shop about on the many price comparison websites available. They love finding an excuse to use the internet so encourage them to help you research options that cut costs.

If you have a young person who is considering further education or training but would prefer to fund their own way, a reliable financial services company such as https://www.myjar.com/ could provide the seed money they need to get started. Visit their website to learn more about the options available.


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Working in the local community, we analyse every aspect of education in detail, looking at why some students leave school with 'gaps' in certain areas.
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Our aim is to educate as many children as possible; giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential....
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At present, our range of internet articles educates parents and students alike in matters such as Financial Education...
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Our aim is to extend our function so that we can work directly with local communities on specific issues....

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The Happy Endings Foundation is a trust which addresses educational issues faced by many members of society. Predominantly focussed around education, we understand that not every child receives an equal chance of success in today's society, and work hard to place underprivileged children on to a level playing field with their peers.

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