2019 Toyota Tundra vs 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500

Though the Tundra only has two motor alternatives, they are both Strong V8s. The bottom engine produces 310 horsepower and 327 pound-feet of torque; the larger engine makes 381 horsepower along with 401 pound-feet of torque.

The Tundra Silverado comparison foundation V6 engine produces 265 horsepower, which Is enough for most driving tasks but perhaps not exceptionally competitive. There are just two V8s available with increased power — to 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque — and more torque for faster acceleration and more towing.

I am giving it the win here.

Fuel Economy

Winner: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

A lot better than the Toyota Tundra’s most useful rating.

The Tundra’s base 4.6-liter V 8, which makes 100 fewer Horsepower compared to the Silverado’s most massive V8, manages to own worse fuel economy: 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the street. The 5.7-liter V8 is rated at 13 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. Adding four-wheel drive to either of these trucks will drop their fuel economy by one mpg.

Ride Quality

Winner: 2019 Chevrolet-silverado

The Silverado supplies a very comfortable, smooth ride, irrespective of What surface it’s pushing. It could feel more like an SUV than a pickup, thanks to improvements made for the 2018 model season.

The Tundra, however, features a more old school truck feel. In comparison to this more modern, SUV-like Silverado, the Tundra’s ride is not as complicated.


Winner: 2019 Chevrolet-silverado

The steering is accurate with excellent feedback, which is particularly useful when maneuvering a trailer.

The Tundra is also fairly maneuverable when judged the Pickup truck scale, but it wallows somewhat when cornering. Its steering feedback may feel light, that will be effective at lower speeds and sluggish at higher rates.


Winner: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Has tested both these trucks, and the Silverado received an overall five-star evaluation. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also analyzed both vehicles. Its standard safety equipment carries a rearview camera and Chevy’s Teen Driver platform for less experienced drivers.

The Tundra obtained four out of five stars total in crash When tested by the IIHS, it received three Great scores, with one good score, and also yet another score. It’s a standard rearview camera as well, plus Toyota’s Safety Sense tech package, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and pedestrian detection. The Tundra also comes with front and rear parking sensors readily available, in addition to rear cross-traffic alert.


Winner: 2019 Chevrolet-silverado

Even the Chevy Silverado can tow up to a ton more than the Toyota Tundra. The Silverado’s maximum towing capacity is 12,500 lbs, while the Tundra maxes out in 10,200 pounds. The Silverado’s maximum payload is also significantly more significant, at 1,930 to 2,250 pounds overall, based upon the configuration. The Tundra will haul a payload of about 1,500 about 1,730 lbs.

The 2019 Chevrolet-Silverado drove away with every category But two. It has a more elegant interior at every trim level, from the most basic work truck to the most upscale, and its handling and ride are excellent to get a pickup. Its fuel economy is far superior compared to Tundra’s, even though needing more power in the higher end. Additionally, it has a higher towing capacity, though the Tundra’s base engine has higher Horsepower and torque.

Acceleration and reliability would be the two classes the 2019 Toyota Tundra may shoot. Its motors do provide strong acceleration. Also, it is the bottom engine is more powerful than the base V6 found at the Silverado. There Were several near categories, such as chair comfort and safety, nevertheless the Silverado had enough of the edge in almost every case to drive into the very top.

Compare reviews of Toyota Sienna vs. the Honda Odyssey

Minivans are becoming less popular in recent years. American Families are choosing SUVs and cross overs over sedans and vans. With just a few players left from the minivan segment, it remains pretty competitive, offering sensible and safe transportation for families large and small.

Two of the most Well-known minivans today are the 2019 Sienna vs Odyssey and the 2019 Toyota-Sienna. Honda Opens a New Window. And Toyota Opens a New Window. Go toe to toe in several automotive sections, and also the minivan category is not any different. Using an All-New Odyssey on the market since last year, let us see if the long-in-the-tooth Sienna is still competitive.


The Sienna and the Odyssey equally have only one engine Available plus so they’re very similar. In the Honda, you get yourself a 3.5-liter V6 which produces 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque while returning strong fuel economy of 19 miles per gallon in the city and 28 mpg on the street. The Sienna also includes a 3.5-liter v-6 but with only a bit more grunt at 296 hp and 263 lb-ft of torque. Its fuel economy is very similar to this Honda’s at 19 mpg city/27 mpg hwy.

The two motors have close performance and fuel economy evaluations, but the Sienna gets the distinction of being the sole minivan available with AWD. AWD adds versatility by providing better traction and more reassurance when the trail conditions have bad. However, fuel market requires a hit with AWD-equipped Siennas dropping to 18 mpg city/24 mpg hwy.

Since they’re so similar beneath the hood, the Sienna merely has A minor mechanical advantage on the Honda due to its available AWD.


Screen. Both systems encourage Apple CarPlay. However, merely the Odyssey offers Android Auto compatibility.

In Terms of safety tech, Honda and Toyota both provide their particular Technology suites to maintain you and your passengers safe on the street. Honda Sensing is standard on each 2019 Odyssey except the base LX trim. It includes a collision-mitigation braking system, a road-departure-mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, along with a lane-keep assist. The Sienna supplies the Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) system on every trimming, which is very like Honda Sensing, and automatic high-beams.

We like the Odyssey’s infotainment program a little more than


When likewise equipped. The Sienna starts at $31,115, and the Odyssey starts at $30,090. Both vans can get to the mid-$40,000 range at the top trims, which include rear entertainment systems, ventilated and heated leather seats, premium sound, navigation, sunroofs and much more.


The Sienna is a good Mini Van, but we can’t ignore that it is Starting to look a little old compared to rivals such as the Odyssey. With a Recent update giving it a modern appearance, more customizable seat Configurations and a couple of excellent features available which the Toyota lacks, we Prefer the 2019 Honda Odyssey to the 2019 Toyota Sienna. The only reason we had Recommend the Sienna over the Odyssey is for those who want AWD. Find a Honda Odyssey available or Look for a Toyota Sienna available for sale.

Mid Size Truck Compitition in Tacome Vs Ranger


While most use these trucks as daily drivers, and few can use them for their full capacities, both have available Off Roading capabilities.

The Ranger comes with an optional Toyota pickup vs Tacoma.

This package adds off-road monotube shocks, off-terrain tires, an electronic locking rear differential. Also, you get a mirrored steel front party plate and a high-quality front slip plate.

Ford additionally includes a Terrain Management system with the four-wheel-drive package which enables you to pick from preset styles created to find you through almost any terrain out of thick snow drifts to loose sand. The available methods are Normal, grass, gravel/snow, mud, or sand. Ford also provides Trail control which is intended to manage throttle and braking at each wheel.

Although it is possible to add Ford’s offroad package to any Ranger model that’s also designed with a four-wheel drive to get the Tacoma’s ultimate off-road capabilities, you will have to choose the TRD offroad, or TRD Pro was trimming degrees.

Toyota’s Crawl Control is virtually identical to Ford’s Trail get a handle on. Likewise, the Multi-terrain select is essentially precisely the same as Ford’s Terrain management system, even though the knobs are roof-mounted, and this is a fantastic idea or a terrible one based on your driving mode. The 2020 Tacoma offers one new feature that’s remarkably cool. You can add an elective Multi-Terrain Monitor, which will show you what’s under the truck

If 20-19’s prices are indicative of the 20 20 prices, the TRD off the road starts at $36,465. However, a Ford Ranger XL using four-wheel drive and the off-road package is going to end up being 33,080, significant savings.


Finally, the off-road capacities are pretty much involving your Tacoma and Ranger, depending upon your package picks, and also the outside differences are going to arrive at a matter of personal preference mainly where the Ranger arrives ahead to come in terms of fuel efficiency, towing capacity, upfront cost, and driver comfort and ease.

The Tacoma offers more options, and so for many, the freedom of choice will weigh in slowly as they calculate that midsize pickup is right for them.

2019 Toyota Camry vs. 2019 Honda Accord

Two continuing opponents are recently upgraded, but taking As the 2018 Toyota Camry chose a twist to its sporty, the 2018 Honda-Accord changed to an even more upscale appearance using its counterparts.

Which of Both of These heavyweights from the midsize sedan course Will emerge on the top? Keep on reading to learn.

Watch a Side By Side contrast of this Camry & Accord.

Precisely what precisely the Camry or accord Requires Right

Even the new-look Toyota Camry is looking compared to the brand new In addition to its brand new look, and the Camry can also be certainly one among the safest cars in its category since it aced every IIHS test. Moreover, all of the safety features that helped it genius these evaluations are not standard. The Accord only overlooked the most notable IIHS evaluation as a result of the”Acceptable” rating in the IIHS head-light evaluations — that the Camry got the most notable head-light evaluation of”Good.”

In 206 horsepower, then the foundation Camry’s engine has 14 hp more significant than the bottom Accord. Even the Camry’s healthy gas market of 29 mpg city, 4 1 street, and 3 4 combined defeats the Accord’s base fuel market by three mpg street and one mpg combined.

The Camry additionally has 1.7 inches of Additional rear-seat Leg-room Than this Accord.

Precisely what precisely the Accord Requires Right

An Excellent motorist’s car, the Accord, especially with Its available six-speed manual can be a burst. The three-pedal installation can be found with both four-cylinder search motors. Indoors, the Accord provides residents a smooth ride and also super-comfortable chairs for the longest of all forces.

It borrows against the Civic TypeR, may perhaps not be as successful as the Camry’s V6, but its own 273 pound-feet of torque offers fantastic drawing ability. Plus, its 10-speed transmission could be the most up-to-date and most excellent. Besides, the Accord’s tackling is significantly more stable compared to Camry’s, and its steering gets more feedback.

Last, that the Accord’s 16.7-cubic-foot back is cavernous When compared with the 14.1 blocks that the Camry offers.

Want Sportiness, Move Camry

The Toyota Camry Is a Superb option. However, the Accord is that the All-around choice. In the event, you require the sporty appearance, though, that the Camry is likely a fantastic alternative for you.

Verdict: Honda-Accord

As the Camry is just lovely, the Accord is beyond only Fine.

What is virtual horse racing?

Payment methods

Visa Debit/Credit


Bank transfer



3. Digital Horseracing Live Betting Odds

While picking live American horse racing site recommendation for recently enrolled players through JohnnyBet site, you can Find a welcome Bonus around # & $30. This bonus is performed just in the sports department. To be able to Be given an added plus during the enrollment in William Hill make use of unique code: BETEXVIP. Input the code into the William Hill promotional code area, which will show up at a Registration form. Register today in William Hill through our Site and Put a Bet on virtual sports betting. The winning in This Type of stakes depends Chiefly on fortune and on the selection of the greatest virtual horseracing live chances, That we’ll see at William Hill.

But gambling organizations like to use the assistance of legendary Software development firms Betradar and Kiron Interactive. However, there’s been a consensus for a while now concerning the inherent quality of the services and products. In regards to delivering a magic digital gambling experience, no one comes near to the images of Inspired Gambling.

In the Realm of Virtual Sports at which there are Additional Options and other, a Martingale System can end up being somewhat pricey, and as a result of this shifting chances of selections, there isn’t any guarantee that you will pay for your losses if your bet is powerful.


Let’s use an illustration. Let us say You Opt to back each No three selection from the 20 races employing a Martingale Design strategy as well as also your first bet is only #1. Number-three primary wins the track of this selection in chances of 3/1.

But Utilizing the Martingale system, doubling your wager will Signify by the 9th race that your bet would be 256. And had you ever chose # two, you’d haven’t won at all those races and also the Martingale system breaks as you can’t gamble enough to create your cash.

As such, with a platform like this on Virtual Sports is Not suggested!

Today Match Prediction. Who Will Win, Live Cricket Score

Everybody else would like to understand just how to beat the novels. To create more currencies Gambling on cricket games.

Odds are this exactly why you are here.

Fair enough. But there is something you Ought to Know before we Jump to the’how to’ section of things.

This is not something you can find or place together within an afternoon. What I will spell out below can take two months — no more years — to gather. You then may well not have the capability to win against the books along with their t dream 11 fantasy cricket.

However, if you are willing to Test, we will go ahead and get started.


The best way to forecast winners is to Make your systems. Your very own predictive models with calculations.

The Objective is to utilize this algorithm to Estimate that the probability of a result (make it for some team( person, event, etc.). Then compare it on the bookmaker’s chances to seek out value mutually lucrative stakes.

You see, most rewarding sports gambling is about more Than calling that will triumph. Additionally, you will need to discover the ideal stakes to produce — the markets which have value. Otherwise, you won’t earn hardly any money whatsoever.

So, how will you do so?

You, Will, Need those four items:

A comprehension of probability theory.

Some technician knowledge.

Awareness of one’s game.


There is absolutely no way people can pay for everything within this report. You are Going to get to Google a large amount with them.

But I’ll find out when I can not point you in the ideal direction.


You Need a Comprehension of probability concept to utilize for Inspiration to the own models.

2. Tech Knowledge

The very least you’ll want a Knowledge of is the way to utilize A spreadsheet.

However, according to my study, the men who take that seriously Discover how to utilize databases, spreadsheets, and some basic (PHP) programming.

Section of the will be to produce more descriptive tests and investigation’.






Ground / Location



Not outs


Highest score

Batting average



Run rate



There’s a Good luck.

2019 Toyota RAV4, Honda HR-V: Review, Price, Photos, Features

I am considering that the HR-V vs. C-HR was outside for a Few decades there Was not too to detector as much questions to answer throughout that street stint. Even Toyota’s newness, though, caused it to be only a bit more of a puzzle. Shifting to the RAV 4 functioned as an excellent reminder that Toyota’s design team pinpointed the inner. Front storage has been an issue, but at the cottage sounded hip. The chairs were more comfortable and inviting than I remember in the redesigned Camry.

It is refreshing to view Toyota looking tougher using its Infotainment technique. The updated 8.0-inch sHReen sits at the top of the dashboard, flanked on each side by buttons. It’d be fine when the buttons are more significant, but I am happy they exist.

Complained. These often are prototype problems which have to be resolved. The Fantastic news, at least for most I-phone consumers, is that Toyota Chose to supply Apple CarPlay aid with the new RAV 4, but the more modern cars at the media release suffered CarPlay glitches. For the time being, Android users are out of chance. The camera will make Entune simpler to utilize than Enform, the skip fire which Lexus still compels its shoppers.

Toyota also needs to be praised in earning Safety Sense 2.0, Its package of driver-assist features, standard over the RAV 4. The drawback is the RAV4’s lane maintaining support feature isn’t as tasteful as Honda’s. Reducing the sensitivity helped, however, it still fought to retain the RAV 4 based from the lane in addition to that the car v’s system does.

Nevertheless, we were holding more nit-picks than authentic ailments. And if the car v was better in a few ways, the RAV 4 had a couple of advantages that conventional clients will love, including a more desirable structure, a snazzier cottage, and much better immersion. I found myself genuinely questioning precisely what we’d do when we couldn’t select a success. Of course, when there was a tie, then in case the presence of the experience along with XSE Hybrid Collections provide the RAV 4 the benefit? Based on what my counterparts sensed, possibly.

However, as soon as we exchanged cars, that confusion disappeared. HR v’s chairs were comfortable. The tire felt in my own hands. It had been more silent on the street. In reality, there is therefore not as much road noise from the car v I was shocked that I had not noticed it earlier.

Surprisingly, when we finally sat down to HReate an Official choice, all three people were on precisely the same page. Additionally, it is likely that Toyota might improve or enhance a few matters as conducting changes dependent on the evaluation. But if Toyota remedies our minor complaints punctually for Job 1, then we’re ready to safeguard our choice.

To paraphrase the outcomes of past season’s Camry vs. Accord Contrast, Toyota might have assembled a better RAV 4. Nevertheless, the HR v continues to be The better automobile.

Compare Hyundai Ioniq vs. Toyota Prius

When those are choices you are considering, you might have believed a hybrid vehicle.

You may additionally ask. Well, generally it Could have a little gasoline motor, also an electric engine to boost power and fuel market, and also to cut CO2 emissions. A small battery, recharged at no cost by keeping energy since you slowdown, forces the electric engine.

Hyundai’s Hyundai ioniq hybrid vs Prius could be the most recent hybrid vehicle to be available. It is a Little more significant than a Volkswagen Golf, also pumps out as modest as 79g/km of all CO2. Toyota’s been producing its own omnipresent Prius hybrid vehicle for ages. The most recent version frees less CO2 compared to its predecessor (out of 70g/km), which makes it the car to overcome.

New Hyundai Ioniq Compared to Toyota Prius

Precisely what do you want to drive?

Do these hybrids fit a routine Golf gas for pace? Broadly, Yes; equally possess relatively sprightly functionality. Even the Ioniq could be hesitant once you step on the accelerator pedal to take off, but once it’s about the movement, it selects speed unnaturally and has to motorway rates quickly. The Prius isn’t quite as nippy out of a standstill or if building rate to get an overtake.

Tickle that the accelerator of a car, as long as there is Control from the battery, your vehicle will accomplish and maintain yourself updated with city traffic on tranquil, pure electrical power. But, push the accelerator further, and also the gas engine falls in; you can not feel this. However, you may hear it. It produces a background hum in a railway, but that increases to your monotone drone throughout acceleration.

This sound is significantly more widespread from the Prius because of the CVT Automatic gearbox. Since you speed, it sends the engine soaring plus so they stay high before you lift the accelerator, that is somewhat disturbing. Even the Ioniq’s six-speed automatic box slides through its tools rather smoothly but supplies the choice to shift gears — something that you can not perform at the Prius.

New Hyundai Ioniq Compared to Toyota Prius

Drive quickly in stop-start traffic. Also, there is more road disturbance. In motorway speeds, nevertheless, end noise while in the Prius can be well comprised since it is from the Ioniq.

You won’t have your dentures rattled outside in the car. The Ioniq is a bit sexier, giving the sexier Prius that the laurels for ripping out off-road street surfaces and speed humps. Even the Ioniq feels tied down, even though; it bends less over dips and crests.

The Ioniq is quite a bit more nimble, also. Its stiffer suspension Helps it remain more glowing through corners, and its steering gives more feedback, Building a fantastic sum of weight, which means that you may quantify your printing inputs with Greater precision. That said, by type standards, the Prius remains a clean Handler, and its own marginally lighter steering leaves it just a little more unaffected to park.

What Are The Essentials Of CSS Slideshow?

Cascading Style Sheet consists of setup rules that are applied to element we can insert stylesheet in our HTML document for specifying the universal format for all identical element in the document. For example, All paragraph represented by the paragraph element in the body should look same using a stylesheet we can change the font, font size, and color by using single stylesheet rule. Stylesheet consists of two parts the selector and the declaration part.

The selector is the HTML element to which the rule applies and the declaration is the rule or formatting applied on the element. It consists of attributes and values.

For eg Element/Selector{attribute:value}

Adding StylesheetTo The HTML Document

As stylesheet carries formatting info it is associated with HTML document in the following way:

Types OfStylesheet

There are three types of stylesheet :

·        Inline CSS

·        External CSS

·        Embedded CSS

Grouping Stylesheet Rules

·        The same stylesheet can be applied on more than one element by separating the element by commas (,) and writing stylesheet rules only once.

·        More than one stylesheet rule can be applied to the same element by separating the declaration with commas(;), all the declaration must be given within the pairs of curly braces.

·        All the members belonging to the same class can be given the same class rule by writing .classname in place of the selector.

·        The CSS can be applied to a specific tag by accessing its id assigned to that tag.

There are various properties linked with the CSS slide show rule. The web designer now has the facility to design sliders or slideshow for the webpages. However, display slideshow using CSS formatting is very easy now. It involves elements and properties of CSS. One can design attractive webpages for his website using HTML and CSS. Websites can be designed using much software like Dreamweaver and many more

2019 Toyota prius Vs. Kia Niro Pricing, Features

Step by Step Inspection, Specifications & Replies


In comparison to the alloy, the Niro Plug-in Hybrid’s plastic gas Tank can resist tougher, more intrusive effects without leaking; that reduces the potential for fire. The Kia Niro vs Toyota chr Prime comes with a metal gas tank.

Both Niro Plug-in Hybrid and also the Prius Prime have Standard driver and passenger frontal air bags front side-impact airbags, driver knee airbags, side-impact mind air bags front seat belt pretensioners rear wheel drive, height adjustable front shoulder straps, four-wheel motorcycle brakes, traction control, electronics systems to avoid slipping, collision mitigating brakes, daytime running lights and lane departure warning systems, rearview detectors, motorist alarm monitors, available blind-spot warning system and rear parking sensors and back cross-path warning.


The Niro Plug-in Hybrid Includes a Whole 5-year/60,000-mile Standard warranty that covers the whole truck and also comprises 24hour roadside aid.

Coverage over the Prius Prime endings after just five decades or 60,000 miles per hour


Three-year-old vehicles supply the longterm dependability statistics which reveal that Kia vehicles tend to be somewhat more reliable than Toyota vehicles. J.D. Power rankings Kia fifth invisibility, above the market average.


Hybrid vehicle.

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid’s highest driving array from pure Electric style is 26 kilometers, 4 percent farther compared to the Prius Prime’s 25-mile selection.

Brakes and Preventing

For higher stopping power that the Niro Plug-in Hybrid’s brake

Tires and Wheels

For more exceptional grip, the Niro Plug-in Hybrid has bigger.

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid’s tires offer more significant managing Because they possess a lowered 60 profile (height to diameter ratio) which provides a stiffer sidewall than the Prius Prime’s common 65 series tires.

For Improved ride, handling and Brake-cooling system the Niro Plug-in Hybrid has conventional 16-inch wheels. Just 15-inch wheels can be found the Prius Prime.

Suspension and Handling

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid has regular front and back Gas-charged shocks for much better control over northeast streets. Even the Prius Prime’s suspension does not offer you gas-charged shocks.

For better stability and handling, the monitor (width involving The wheels) over the Niro plug-in Hybrid is more than 1.4 inches wider at the front and 1.6 inches wider at the trunk compared to Prius Prime.


Even the Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid could be efficient, manage.

Prius Prime, which makes the Niro plug-in Hybrid better to handle, park and maneuver in tight spaces.

Passenger Space

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid has regular seating for 5 Passengers; the Prius Prime can take 4.

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid includes 5.6 cubic feet longer passenger.

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid includes.7 inches front headroom, 1.8 inches front shoulder space, 1.9 inches more rear headroom, 4 inches more rear legroom and 2.2 inches back shoulder room compared to the Prius Prime.


After two Distinct drivers talk about that the Niro Plug-in Hybrid EX Each setting triggers distinct, personalized memories to your own driver’s seat posture and outer mirror angle, Prius Prime does not offer you a memory platform.

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid Touring’s standard simple entrance method Slides the driver’s chair when the door is unlocked, or the ignition has been turned off, which makes it a lot easier for your driver to be inside and outside. Prius Prime does not offer you a simple entrance platform.

The electricity windows regular on either the Niro Plug-in Hybrid And the Prius Prime have guards to prevent little children from working. After the lock onto the Niro, plug-in Hybrid has participated that the motorist can still operate most the windows, as an example to close opened with a kid. Even the Prius Prime prevents the driver from running one other window as it will one passenger.

To enhance back visibility by maintaining the back window clean, That the Niro plug-in Hybrid includes a standard rear wiper. The Prius Prime does not offer you a rear wiper.

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid includes an automatic Head Light on/off feature. Even the Prius Prime comes with an automatic headlight on/off feature standard just about the Premium/Advanced.

A more significant section of the windshield and side windows that the Niro plug-in Hybrid has conventional extendable sun visors. The Prius Prime will not offer you extendable visors. As soon as the Niro plug-in Hybrid EX Premium is placed backward, both rearview mirrors tilt out of their original location. This also offers the driver a better perspective of this control throughout parallel parking maneuvers. Changing out of inverse places the mirrors in their first ranks. Even the Prius Prime’s mirrors do not automatically correct for financing.

Standard Air Conditioned chairs Within the Niro Plug-in Hybrid EX Premium maintain the driver and front passenger comfortable and choose out the bite of sexy chairs in the summer. Even the Prius Prime will not offer you air conditioned seats. The Niro plug-in Hybrid’s standard dual-zone ac permits the driver and front passenger to choose just two different temperatures. Therefore, individuals who have different temperature preferences won’t need to undermine. The Prius Prime does not provide dual zone air conditioning.

Both Niro Plug-in Hybrid as well as also the Prius Prime offer back Vents. For increased back passenger comfort, the Niro plug-in Hybrid EX/EX Premium has conventional rear air-conditioning vents to stay again occupants cool at warm or summer. Even the Prius Prime will not offer you again air-conditioning vents, just heat vents.

The Niro Plug-in Hybrid EX Premium includes a 115-volt a/c outlet On the middle console, letting you recharge a notebook or conduct small household Appliances with no special adapters which may break or become lost. The Prius Prime does not offer you a house-current electric socket.