What Are The Essentials Of CSS Slideshow?

Cascading Style Sheet consists of setup rules that are applied to element we can insert stylesheet in our HTML document for specifying the universal format for all identical element in the document. For example, All paragraph represented by the paragraph element in the body should look same using a stylesheet we can change the font, font size, and color by using single stylesheet rule. Stylesheet consists of two parts the selector and the declaration part.

The selector is the HTML element to which the rule applies and the declaration is the rule or formatting applied on the element. It consists of attributes and values.

For eg Element/Selector{attribute:value}

Adding StylesheetTo The HTML Document

As stylesheet carries formatting info it is associated with HTML document in the following way:

Types OfStylesheet

There are three types of stylesheet :

·        Inline CSS

·        External CSS

·        Embedded CSS

Grouping Stylesheet Rules

·        The same stylesheet can be applied on more than one element by separating the element by commas (,) and writing stylesheet rules only once.

·        More than one stylesheet rule can be applied to the same element by separating the declaration with commas(;), all the declaration must be given within the pairs of curly braces.

·        All the members belonging to the same class can be given the same class rule by writing .classname in place of the selector.

·        The CSS can be applied to a specific tag by accessing its id assigned to that tag.

There are various properties linked with the CSS slide show rule. The web designer now has the facility to design sliders or slideshow for the webpages. However, display slideshow using CSS formatting is very easy now. It involves elements and properties of CSS. One can design attractive webpages for his website using HTML and CSS. Websites can be designed using much software like Dreamweaver and many more